What is CrazyCollage?

It is a web application to create image collages. You can make collages in a very simple way using your own photos. The created collages can be saved and used according to your creativity.

Why do I have to accept a Secutity Certificate to use CrazyCollage?

CrazyCollage is realized as a Java Applet. The andvantage is that you don't have to upload the images to a web server. The collage will be localy created by your machine. Because of this, you have to allow the Java(TM) Platform to acces your hard disk to read the images. CrazyCollage does not insert or extract any data from your computer.

What means "high quality print"?

If the checkbox "high quality print" is checked, CrazyCollage will create a collage with a higher resolution. This is useful if you want to print the collage. If you just want to use the collage e.g. to send per email or to publish on the web, we recommend not to use this option, because the collage file size will be larger. Furthermore the creating process needs more time.

How does CrazyCollage select the image regions?

The algorithm is inspired on visual attention mechanisms in order to detect the most important regions of the scenes.¹ Such regions can have different sizes, shapes and can be localized at different positions into the images. Some images and it's detected regions are depicted below:


¹ Eventually, the algorithm and the user may not agree about what is important.

How many images can I use?

You can use up to 200 images.

Can I set the resolution of the final collage?

You have the possibility to set the checkbox "high quality print". With this option CrazyCollage will create a image collage with a higher resolution. This is useful if you want to print the collage. But remember, creating the collage with this option needs more time.

Which image file formats are supported by CrazyCollage?

CrazyCollage supports the image formats JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF.

The website colors are constantly changing. Is it normal?

For sure, this is CrazyCollage.

Are the collages free for any kind of use?

You can use and publish the collages for personal purpose. For commercial use, please contact us.

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